Your sensitivity or passion towards life may be reduced because of work pressure or other trivial matters. Fortunately, you have the exclusive right to renew your attitude toward life every morning at 08:30. You can write your own attitude: Life if where the heart is, just as the traditional essence of pineapple cake which can become a tool for prospering yourself and others when it is given a new definition, such as Cigar. It faces the sun and absorbs passion continuously like a flower and keeps a positive posture when encountering the attack of rainfall and wind, as sunshine always comes after the rain.
Edible fashion: it is not only food but design. Vision first, then taste. The product itself can bring out the value of its user. We hope users can get creative with ideas for repeated use of the paper tubes and packing boxes, and execute the ideas to practice the sense of aesthetics of each user. They may be used to load coins, coffee grounds for deodorizing, cosmetics, small plants, confession of affections for someone, etc. Edible fashion: it is not only food but design and also attitude towards life.