Life begins with the sound of alarm clock every day...
People to face, matter to handle, familiar objects used repeatedly,
Every movement, every detail and every relation can be deconstructed to one thing,
The desire to do one thing well, even to do it better,
Matters one after another compile into a complete day of life,
Show a faint smile on your face,
This is the expression of thanking yourself for putting an effort to living today. New era living is a gift preserved for the new generation by “Tradition” in doing the right and good things,
It connects the aesthetics of “Old” and “New”,
It connects the affections between “You” and “I”,
A simple and emotional matter is designed and sold to life as the most basic attitude,
Attitude creates an atmosphere that affects a person to produce positive and encouraging attitude toward aesthetics and life,

Even influencing more people. This is “KNZJI”. KNZJI
Proposer of “Gift”, “Edible Fashion” and “Non-exclusive”. Proposal sells the design of “Good Life”. Note: KNZJI is pronounced “KEN ZJI”